Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring A Venue

So the time to party has come! But where are you going to host it?

Finding a venue for a party is no easy task. If it were, people would be hosting parties weekly, and we wouldn’t be writing this blog post. But the truth is, finding a venue is super difficult, especially if you don’t know the right questions to ask.

And that is what this blog is for: the questions you have to ask yourself and the venue before you decide where to have your party!

What Is Your Party For? 

There is no point getting a massive venue if your party is just for the people in your office. Before anything less, assess what your party is for and what type of party you want to throw. This will give you a clear insight if the venue is appropriate for your circumstance.

How Much Room Do You Have For Your Guests? 

The last thing you want is for your guests to be squeezed in and stuffed like a chicken. Take a look at the venue and see if it will have enough room for your guests. Make sure that you take table and chair space into the equation so that everyone can move freely through.

What Food Do They Serve?

Taking a look at their menu will give you a quick overview of what food works best for you. This goes back to the type of party you are throwing. Some food is better for some situations (such as finger food for a business summit), while others, including buffets, are better for huge parties. See what the venue can do for you regarding food.

Can They Adapt Their Food For Guests With Special Interests? 

In today’s age, you cannot ignore people’s dietary requirements. Many people suffer from all sorts of allergies (such as nuts) and are intolerant of certain ingredients (including the likes of dairy or gluten). Make sure they can adapt their food menu to ensure that any guest with issues doesn’t face any problems.

Is It Easily Accessible? 

You want to make it easy for your guests to come and go to your party without any hassles. That is why you have to look at accessibility situation of function venues in Melbourne. Does it plenty of parking close by or its own parking lot? Is it close to public transport and taxi services? Ask these questions, so you are certain to know if your guests can arrive easily to your party.

With these questions in your locker, you should be able to sort out if the venue you are looking for meets your requirements. Where did we get these questions from, you might ask? We are sponsored by The Harbour Kitchen – Melbourne’s leading venue function in the Docklands area. You can learn more about us by clicking on this link.

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